Friday, March 17, 2006

John Sinclair: ”Guitar Army”. John Sinclair is one of those peripheral intellectual figures lingering near a raw, maybe not so bright bunch of rock 'n' rollers, infusing the band with style and rhetoric. The Stones had Andrew Oldham. The Beatles had Brian Epstein. The Sex Pistols had Malcolm McLaren. Detroit's loud, jazz-bent MC5 had John Sinclair. He was a fiery, brazenly radical figure who scared the hell out of the boring silent majority types, and Sinclair paid the price: "ten for two." That's ten years for two joints. This is a collection of his Lenny Bruce/Kerouac/Marx inspired writings from before and during his stint in prison. Printed on a rainbow array of stocks, illustrated with great cartoons, photos and posters, "Guitar Army" captures the Detroit proto-punk era of the Stooges, the White Panther Party and “Creem” magazine like nothing else can or could. "Play loud!"


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