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PBK – PBK (aka Phillip B. Klinger) is a tireless, long-suffering ambient/noise musician of Flint, Michigan. Beginning in or around the mid-80s and continuing to this day he has performed and recorded his at times lovely, other times terrifying brand name music. Anyone interested in the DIY cassette network of the 1980s or the noisy musics of today, should check out Klinger’s blog at Obviously there are thousands of locations along the web roadways for information of this sort, but I believe this stop to be a worthwhile source for choice bits of information and history, beautiful photos of rare cassette cover art, links to downloads of previously difficult to find sounds, and much more.


Blogger troylloyd said...

hey Glen:

coolbeans, thanx for the link.
i always get confused & think PBK is PGR, poison the gas of research.

but alas, now my brains on topic of cassette tapes 'n such from pre-info glory days -- damn, whatta idiot i was, i really thot i was an anarchist, i was stuck thrashwise on anarcho-hardcore & i even missed Sonic Youth at the 'Plex b/c i thot they were "too arty", geez, i bet that was a great show.

i remember No Business as Usual Day, the protest against Ga.Tech for StarWars & Radical Rick & the die-in on P'tree st.

i was young 'n dumb, i finally came around, thanx to WREK in my earholes -- & seriously, i'm a hi-skool dropout (10th grade), Ga. public skools still suck 'n swallow, but as i was saying, i consider WREK to have been my primary educational resource, for real, them weird wired FM waves bounced my brainbone & thunder'd up skulltop, expansive man expansive -- & not to mention alltha groovy zines, yes, i'll bring up LowLife again, it was a great fuckin' periodical of immense value to me, but i liked Steven Cerio better when he did that scraggly haunting stuff, the acid pop-house gooey stuff just ain't the same -- i wish i'd been hip enuf to order some of those tapes that were listed, i only got lucky at the Small Press bookshop one time when i had bread & grabb'd a few Perimeter tapes.

i didn't know Debbey Puff, but i remember being bored at the Derek Bailey show & steppin' out front for a smoke, she sat upon the steps, smoggin' out cigs & sed " this shit is boring!" haha, it was great, i felt uplifted but i was a nervous twitch & couldn't carry on convo.

got me to thinkin' y'know, you talkin' bout noise tapes etc., these kids nowadays, hmmm how easy it is in post-info saturation to be clued in, somehow the process of earning that merit of knowledge has gone out w/ the do-do bird -- me personally, i think the zine network was actually superior to this online avenue, altho yes, it allows easy communication, sometimes too easy as i'm just rambling like rumble-hood, but a bit of the quality has gone missing, a bit of the aura has diminish'd -- only recently have i began networking thru the postal & i must say it's very rewarding, ya still can't beat paper, am i archaic?

i've enjoyed reading yr wrap-up 'n such, happy to see a Fantagraphics publication at #1.

i've lost my old DQE tape, that was the jam -- i'm inna mood to looksee if there's any Atl noise-history typa stuff online, so off i go!


8:53 AM  
Blogger Glen said...

Thanks for the comments. I agree with your notion something is lost in non-linear on-line communication. And I notice you list PVC Precinct with your favorites, so I thought I would pass along some unhappy news. John of PVC Precinct has recently passed away. So, add his name to the many other Atlanta artists, musicians and good people that are no longer... I will add that over the years several people have written to tell me they heard I was dead. In fact, I seem to be alive. So let us hope the deaths of John and the rest mere rumor.

3:02 AM  
Blogger troylloyd said...

"So let us hope the deaths of John and the rest mere rumor."

hopefully so.

PVC Precinct was topshelf stuff, i had their tape that came inna pvc tube & i always lissn'd intha car, but one day my car got broke into & they swiped all my tapes!
a bummer.

if his death is true, thatsa drag, but at least we can rest assured that he left behind a rich legacy & enhanced the lives of those around him inna significant way & that energy remains beyond the dust of body.


an aside:
would you happen to have hold of any of the publications that Steven Cerio put out back intha day?

or know a spot where i can obtain a couple of them?

he's one of my favorite artists, but i never got any of his stuff, only saw his work via zines 'n such, he had developed such a unique well-articulated immediately recognizable as him whenya saw it style & i was somewhat saddened when he changed gears w/ the acidpop cartoony stuff.

3:47 PM  
Blogger Martin said...

I picked up an old PBK album at a hip record store recently, and I really enjoy it. Never heard of him before, just thought it had cool cover art and it seemed like something weird and obscure to add to the collection... anyway, it's great stuff! Very glad to hear he's still doing his thing!

2:24 AM  

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