Sunday, April 16, 2006

Brooke Shields: "The Brooke Book" Long before JonBenet and the panic-driven backlash against child exploitation and pedophilia, long before our era of media as the first wall of defense for the sake of our children and "family values, " "moral values" and values for the sake of values, there was
Brooke. And Brooke was a mainstream kitsch pop phenomenon. Controversial as she was, she was, nonetheless, a covergirl of the month superstar of a sort
that simply could not exist in the America of today. Do not confuse Brooke
Shields with contemporary young adult celebrities like Britney Spears. As
this celebrity photo-biography clearly shows, Brooke was pretty much
sexualized moments after birth. "The Brooke Book" is a disturbing,
one-of-a-kind period piece we will not see again any time soon.


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