Friday, July 28, 2006

An explanatory note. I thought it was quite obvious, but apparently I was wrong. The three lists posted below are “best of” lists, in the tradition of Anthony Burgess’ “99 Novels”. My lists are 99 movies, 99 novels and 99 albums. There are a few rules. Only one movie, novel or album per director, writer or artist is allowed, and yes, Chad the order means something. #1 is my favorite. #99 is my 99th favorite, etc. The novels are all in English and published in the 20th century. Other favorite books will be found in some future list(s), no doubt. With the music, I tried to pick actual vinyl long players when possible, but for a few artists from the pre-album era, CD’s seemed the better option. Likewise, I tried to avoid “best-of” collections and live L.P.’s, but some artists who specialized in great singles seemed to demand the greatest hits type collection. Once again those artists whose greatest work was prior to the era of the long-playing 33rpm-L.P. (Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington jumped to the front of the line, as they so often do) demanded a different approach. I hope this answers a few questions, for anybody who is listening.


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