Friday, August 21, 2009

A while back I hinted that I might at some point post my "ten best lists" of records for previous years. After about five minutes thought, I have concluded that this terrible idea was impossible to resist. I considered going back as far as 1959 because among other reasons, that was the year I was born and the year of perhaps the first L.P. masterpiece, Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue." I settled upon 1965 because that is the first year to which I can do justice. To finish this project I will no doubt be posting this things for months, if not years to come. I admit it is a lot of work for something perhaps no one will care about. So be it. In many ways I believe this futile effort is the spirit of this foolish thing called "blogging"

BEST LPs of 1965

1. John Coltrane: Ascension (Impulse)
2. John Coltrane: Meditations (Impulse)
3. Bob Dylan: Highway 61 Revisited (Columbia)
4. Albert Ayler: Bells (ESP)
5. Albert Ayler: Spirits Rejoice (ESP)
6. Sun Ra: The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra Volume 1 (ESP)
7. Sun Ra: The Heliocentric Worlds of Sun Ra Volume 2 (ESP)
8. Miles Davis: E.S.P. (CBS)
9. The Rolling Stones: Out of Our Heads (London)
10. The Rolling Stones: Now (London)
11. Jackie McLean: Right Now (Blue Note)
12. Frank Wright Trio (ESP)
13. Otis Redding: Pain In My Heart (Atlantic)
14. The Beatles: The Beatles 65 (Capitol)
15. The Beatles: The Beatles VI (Capitol)
16. Patty Waters Sings (ESP)
17. Archie Shepp: Fire Music (Impulse)
18. Jackie McLean: Consequence (Blue Note)
19. Milford Graves Percussion Ensemble (ESP)
20. Pharoah Sanders: Pharoah’s First (ESP)
21. John Coltrane: Om (Impulse)
22. Jackie McLean: Consequences (Blue Note)
23. The Who: My Generation (Brunswick)
24. The Byrds: Mr. Tamborine Man (CBS)
25. The Kinks: Kinks Size (Reprise)
26. The Kinks: Kinda Kinks (Reprise)
27. The Fugs: The Fugs First Album (ESP)
28. Nina Simone: I Put a Spell On You (Mercury)
29. Sonny Rollins: On Impulse (Impulse)
30. The Yardbirds: Having a Rave Up (Epic)
31. The Pretty Things (Fontana)
32. The Beach Boys: Today (Capitol)
33. The Supremes: Where Did Our Love Go? (Motown)


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